I'm a Full stack developer

who creates web and mobile applications

Full stack developer

develops web and mobile applications

Web Applications

Advocacy Platform

Developed Web Applicaiton to display various survey offered by NewYork State Public Health Association

Meet Players

Web Applicaiton which can be used to connect with different sport players with similar interest.

Canvas Drawing

Created Bridget Riley Painting in canvas

Click after opening the app to see the animation

Aninmation is also linked with device motion on mobile devices

Mobile Applications

Product Scanner

Developed using Ionic. This application scans the barcode of the food product and fetches information through Api. User can save the best before date of that particular product and the app will notify before the item expires.

Simple App

Developed using React Native. This application can be used for basic metric conversion. It can be also used to check the currecy exchange value based on current rates.

Saifee Mohalla Pune

Developed using Ionic. This application was developed for a community to list all the events which are to be held, user can RSVP to the events. Also there was a announcement section where user could be notified.

Time Line

Egen Solutions Illinois, USA.

Software Engineer June 2021 – Present.

  • Collaborating with a team of four developers to modernize financial website to make it user-friendly for the users.
  • Developed mobile app for iOS and Android using the Ionic framework for the users to make and view their upcoming payments along with many other functionalities.
  • Coded integration tests using cypress to automate the test for mobile and web apps.
  • Ensured industry design standards and development guidelines, delivering best industry practices.
  • Conferred and devised a Standard of Procedure to achieve the best possible results in a cross-functional team.

New York State Public Health Association New York City, USA.

Full Stack Developer September 2020 – August 2021.

  • Collaborated with team of three to develop responsive web application using ReactJS, enabling users to easily get in touch with elected representatives regarding ongoing healthcare-related issues through this advocacy platform. •
  • Designed and implemented database architecture using MySQL to efficiently store and retrieve data for web application.
  • Developed backend using NodeJS and Express framework, hosted database on serverless architecture to feed data to web app using REST APIs, and implemented CRUD operations for database updates.
  • Consulted with team of two to develop application frontend using ReactJS to make it responsive for users.

Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science. New York City, USA.

Teaching Assistant January 2021 – Present.

  • Assist professor with teaching Mobile Web Development course by presenting on topics and ensuring students understand class material, grading exams and assignments as needed.

Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science

Master's in Computer Science May 2021.

Square Clues Maharashtra, India.

Software Engineer November 2018 – June 2019.

  • Developed multiple e-commerce websites based on client’s requirements using Bootstrap framework to showcase and sell products online and designed and implemented a database storing product and user information using SQL and PHP.
  • Created diet management application for Android using Ionic framework to enable gym trainers to maintain client records, diet and caloric intake in real time.
  • Built a mobile Android based application using Ionic framework for a company client to provide information and news about its organization, a list of its events, and enable users to register and rsvp.

Pune University, Trinity College of Engineering

Bachelor's in Information Technology June 2018.

Mumbai University, K.K Wagh college of Polytechnic

Diploma in Information Technology May 2013.

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